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Title Created Date Author
City Takes Property Just Because it Can January 28 2010 Written by The Roanoke Times
Condemnation of couple's Roanoke property to proceed January 27 2010 Written by Sarah Bruyn Jones
The Tyrants at City Hall Don’t Have to Follow the Law January 15 2010 Written by Brian Gottstein
Chesapeake legal bill for airport-noise suits reaches $310,000 January 6 2010 Written by Louis Hansen
We're Still Wrangling Over Eminent Domain December 15 2009 Written by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
Couple Want Riverside Condemnation Case Revisited December 12 2009 Written by Jenny Kincaid Boone
Lawyers Ask for Carilion Land Case to be Reconsidered? December 11 2009 Written by Keith Humphry
Condemnation Should be Halted December 10 2009 Written by John Long
When Push Comes to Shove, Money Could be Lost in Riverfront Condemnation Case December 10 2009 Written by Dan Casey
Craftily Taken December 4 2009 Written by The Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star
These Grinches Aren't Bringing Christmas Back December 4 2009 Written by A. Barton Hinkle
Roanoke Couple's Land Condemned -- but Why? December 2 2009 Written by Laurence Hammack
Eminent Domain: City Held the Cards; Victims Hold the Bag November 20 2009 Written by A. Barton Hinkle
Court to Let Private Land be Seized for Carilion Site November 18 2009 Written by Laurence Hammack
VDOT Sues Day Care—and Taxpayers Get Hosed November 13 2009 Written by A. Baront Hinkle
Kelo-ed October 30 2009 Written by Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star
EDITORIAL: Roanoke's Eminent-Domain Shame October 18 2009 Written by The Washington-Times
Roanoke: Eminent-Domain Case Look Like Kelo Redux September 29 2009 Written by A. Barton Hinkle
Highest and Best Use Disputed In Taking July 13 2009 Written by Virginia Lawyers Weekly
Government's Power to Take Private Property to Go on Trial February 23 2009 Written by Meghan Hoyer