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Our Practice

Since 1998, Waldo & Lyle has represented farmers, home owners, churches, small business owners, and Fortune 500 companies in eminent domain matters throughout Virginia, North Carolina and the District of Columbia. We are the only law firm in Virginia dedicated exclusively to representing property owners facing a taking by eminent domain. We have never represented the government or a condemning agency, and we never will. Waldo & Lyle is committed to protecting its clients from eminent domain abuse and to ensuring that their constitutional right to just compensation is fully protected.

Eminent domain litigation is a unique area of the law, requiring particular expertise and knowledge. Our attorneys are experienced litigators, who understand the laws governing the procedure and exercise of the power of eminent domain, land valuation, damages, the scope of an owner’s rights and what it takes to succeed in eminent domain litigation. We have tried over a hundred eminent domain cases before juries.

By limiting our practice solely to the representation of property owners, Waldo & Lyle is uniquely positioned with the resources, knowledge, and experience to assist property owners in strategically preparing a case to prevail against any condemning authority. If you are facing an eminent domain condemnation of your property, we invite you to contact us to discuss your case with an attorney at Virginia’s only law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of private property owners.